Narain Makes Final in PDC Unicorn Youth Tour

While many Albertan's traveled to Saskatoon to compete in the 2014 Main Event this past weekend, Shaun Narain was competing in the Under 21 World Championships and the PDC Youth Tour in England. Shaun finished in the top 32 in the World Championship event.

In the fourth PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event of 2014, Shaun met up with Dimitri Van Den Bergh of Antwerp in the finals. Unfortunately, jet lag got the best of him, losing to Dimitri 4-2. See News | PDC for more details.


Off to the 2015 GVO!

On Saturday, March 22, 2014, 12 men's doubles teams and 13 women's doubles teams battled it out at the 2014 Darts Alberta Member League Championship in Ponoka.

Each of the Championship Doubles Teams earn a trip to the world-ranked Greater Vancouver Open in March 2015.

Congratulations goes out to:

Jason Page & Todd Chipman
(Grande Prairie Singles League)

Ivy Wieshlow & Marla Franks
(Calgary Pub Darts / Edmonton City Darts)


2014 AGM Youth Shoot Results

Congratulations to the winners of the AGM Youth Shoot held in Ponoka on Sunday, March 23, 2014:

  • Courtney Kane - Junior Female Champion
  • Roan Hebert - Junior Male Champion
  • Jessica Weatherly - Senior Female Champion
  • Dawson Murschell - Senior Male Champion

Full results

Youth Athlete recognized for his accomplishments

During the 2014 Annual General Meeting, Dawson Murschell was recognized for his many athletic achievements during 2013.

The Board was disappointed that their nomination for the Alberta Sport Connection’s 2013 Youth Athlete of the Year Award was not selected and they didn't want to see Dawson's accomplishment go unrecognized.

Congratulations Dawson for your outstanding athletic accomplishments in 2013!

Click below to see the list of Dawson's accomplishments and the speech presentation made during the 2014 AGM.

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2014 Team Alberta

Over the last few weekends, both adult and youth competitors were faced with some tough competition during the provincial championships. Darts Alberta is proud to announce the 2014 Youth and Adult Team Alberta representatives.

2014 Youth Team Alberta

Courtney Kane Jessica Weatherly Nate Sheppard Dawson Murschell
Tori Doughty Jessa Laplante Roan Hebert Ericson Dalangin
Full JF Results Full SF Results Full JM Results Full SM Results


Congratulations! These youth representatives will be competing at the 2014 Youth National Championships in Halifax from May 16th to 18th.

2014 Adult Team Alberta

Men Women
Shane Harvey Cindy Hayhurst
Kenny MacNeil Crystal Brazil
Shaun Narain Ivy Wieshlow
Jeff Howard Nicki Rolls
Jim Edwards Angelina Palumbi
Keith Giles Jennifer Ravenshorst
Jacques Lessard Ann Marie Farmer
Mike Dwyer Barb Lowe Young


Full adult results

These team members will be competing at the 2014 Adult National Championship in Halifax from June 10th to 13th.

Volunteer Chalkers Needed for Canada 55 Plus Games

Alberta is the proud host of the 2014 Canada 55 plus Games being hosted in Sherwood Park from August 27 to 30. Darts Alberta has prided itself in offering our assistance to Alberta Sport, the Alberta 55 plus Association and local 55 plus organizers whenever possible.

The organizer of this national darts event (Dick Elliott) has reached out to Darts Alberta to solicit volunteer chalkers for the dart events being held at the Broadmoor Golf Course on August 28th, 29th and 30th. As a member of the Sherwood Park Pub Dart League, Dick understands the need for quality chalkers for major events such as this and naturally came to Darts Alberta and its members.

Whether you are available for only a few hours, a day or for the entire 3 days, the Canada 55 plus Games could use your help.

To offer yourself up as a volunteer or to get more information, contact Dick Elliott at dick.elliott@strathcona.ca or phone 780-410-6571.

Darts Alberta Board Appoints New Communications Director

Darts Alberta is pleased to announce the appointment of Darryll Walsh to the Board as the Communications Director.

The Webmaster duties have been taken on by SKORR Services, our administrative contractor, so Darryll will be able to focus his time on the publicity of events and results as well as other communications with our members. Keep checking back for new initiatives being implemented in the new future to increase the communication of Darts Alberta News.

Welcome aboard Darryll! You will definitely be an awesome asset on the Board!


Win a Trip to the 2015 GVO!

Pre-registration is now open for the 2014 Member League Doubles Championships. The Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles Champions will each win a trip to the 2015 Greater Vancouver Open with airfare and shared accommodations. The event is being held on Saturday, March 22, 2014, once again in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting and AGM Shoot in Ponoka.

The key rules for the event include:

  • No two elite players can partner together (see Elite List)
  • Each competitor must be a Darts Alberta member through a Darts Alberta Member League (see list of DA Member Leagues to see if your league is a member
  • Must be 18 or over
  • All teams must pre-register (download your Registration Form today)

See the poster for complete details.

2014 Provincial Championship Details & Eligibility Lists

All zone results are in and those guaranteed to participate in the 2014 Provincial Championship have now been published. If you are planning on participating in the event, please ensure that you review all of the pertinent information, the tournament poster and eligible lists.

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Increased Dart Facilities at Jubilee Legion 286

Royal Canadian Legion - Jubilee Branch 286 in Calgary has recently moved to a larger facility and has expanded their dart area to a total of 24 dart boards! Their new location is #5, 1107 - 33 Street NE.

If you're in need of a dart facility, contact Phyllis Hartt at (rcl286@shaw.ca) or call 403-280-4264.

Darts Alberta Welcomes New President

For those that might not be aware, our very own Bill Hatter has been appointed as the World Darts Federation President. Congratulations Bill! Although Bill will remain on the Board as the DA Tournament Director, he has recently resigned his position as the DA President.

The Board recently appointed Dean Lawson as the new DA President. Although new to this position, Dean served as the First Vice President from 2008 to 2011 and took a hiatus from the Board due to other commitments.



2013 Youth / 50+ Tournament

A special thank you goes out to all of the 50+ competitors that came out to participate and mentor the next generation of dart players at the 2013 Youth / 50+ Tournament this past weekend in Calgary! Everyone had a smile and the sportsmanship was phenomenal!



Congratulations to all of the winners (full results):

Junior Youth & 50+ Doubles Champions: Nate Sheppard & Tim Prokop              

    Junior Youth & 50+ Doubles Champions:                Senior Youth & 50+ Doubles Champions:
    Nate Sheppard & Tim Prokop                                 Logan Crooks & Jim Crooks



    Junior Female Singles Champion:                           Senior Female Singles Champion:
    Courtney Kane                                                      Jenna Kane



    Junior Male Singles Champion:                               Senior Male Singles Champion:
    Nicolas Murschell                                                   Dawson Murschell



The adult zone qualifiers will begin shortly. As posters become available, they will be posted on the Adult Events page. As part of Darts Alberta's 3-year Strategic Plan, a great deal of effort will be placed on enhancing programs within Alberta. This will result in a few changes for the 2013-14 season:

  • The youth alternates will not be traveling with the team to the Youth Nationals. The funds typically spent to send the alternates will be used to increase youth membership and enhance youth programs in Alberta.
  • The adult alternates will not be traveling with the team to the Adult Nationals. The funds typically spent to send the alternates will be used to enhance adult programs and DA ranked tournaments.

Some of the enhancements already underway include:

  • A nominal Youth Club Membership Fee has been introduced.
  • Youth Zone Qualifiers have been eliminated as all Youth Club members will be eligible to register for the Youth Provincials. Youth clubs will no longer be required to charge youth members to participate in any zone qualifiers.
  • An extensive Youth Club Development Guidebook has been created and provided to each of the Youth Clubs to assist them in getting clubs started and planning their program. This guidebook is filled with forms and sample practice plans. If you are interested in getting a youth club started in your area contact the DA Youth Director (youth@dartsalberta.com).
  • Each Youth Club Member will receive a "Staying on Target" logbook filled with practice routines to assist in enhancing their skills.

If any members have any questions or would like additional details regarding the changes for 2013-14, please contact Bill Hatter (president@dartsalberta.com) or Sandi Orr (administrator@dartsalberta.com).

2013 ProAm Results

1st  - Ray Earle and Cody Campbell 2nd  - Jim Edwards and Lisa Weste
Jt3rd - Barb Lazaruk and Beau Thompson Jt3rd - Fred Seaward and Corey Bowen
Jt5th - Andy Bantick and Gordon Hart Jt5th - Dawson Murchell and Suzie Kemp
Jt5th - Scott Lemoine and Jackie Hackman Jt5th - Scott Collins and Scott Campbell


Ken MacNeil does the "Happy Dance"

Watch Ken MacNeil do his happy dance after defeating Norm Tremblay in the final to win the 2013 Canadian Men's Singles title.

To view more darts videos visit Maximum Darts YouTube page

Openings Still Available for 2013 Pro Am Tournament

The Pro-Am tournament, where grassroots participants have the opportunity to partner with Elite athletes, is scheduled in Ponoka on September 7, 2013. There are still opportunities available for both Grassroots and Elite athletes. Nominees from DA Member Leagues are encouraged to get registered before the maximum is reached. A total of 16 grassroots and 16 elite athletes can register. We are also still in need of additional Elite Players to partner with these grassroots participants and registration is on a first come first registered basis.

Please contact Brenda Dietrich (2ndvicepresident@dartsalberta.com) for more details.

Canadian Open - Another Gold and Silver for Alberta

The Canadian Open Singles event was held in St. John's on Saturday.

The women's event found Cindy Hayhurst once again on stage for the finals, this time against Cindy Veith (NS). Although our Cindy had a 3-0 lead, Cindy Veith was not ready to give up and made an outstanding comeback to win the match 4-3. Tough match Cindy!

In the men's event, Shaun Narain advanced to the final against Bernie Miller (ON). Shaun was victorious in a 5-3 win. Congratulations Shaun!


Shaun Narain, Canadian Open Champion & Bill Hatter, NDFC President

Article by Sandi Orr
Photo courtesy of Julie Narain

Two Albertans on Team Canada for the 2013 World Cup

As the number 1 ranked on the April 30th NDFC Ranking List, Cindy Hayhurst earn an automatic spot on Team Canada at the 2013 World Cup being hosted by Canada in St. John's Newfoundland this coming October. Dawson Murschell earned his spot on Team Canada for winning the Male Youth World Cup Qualifier during the Youth Nationals last month.

Alberta had a record 8 competitors eligible to compete in the World Cup Qualifier based on their results on the NDFC Ranking List as of April 30th. Ivy Wieshlow (#2), Crystal Brazil (#16), Norm Tremblay (#2), Terry Hayhurst (#3), Shaun Narain (#5), Dion LaViolette - not in attendance (#13), and Jeff Howard & Gerald Gillcrist (tied in #16). Linda Ledingham and Jim Edwards represented Alberta. This event took place on Friday afternoon following the Nodor Cup. With only one additional women and three additional men forming Team Canada, it is extremely tough competition and none of the Alberta players were successful in achieving one of those remaining spots.

For more information on the World Cup, visit www.ndfc.ca.

Article by Sandi Orr

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