Winter Dart League Registrations

Many of the 2015-16 Winter Dart Leagues registrations are fast approaching. See the Tournament Calendar for more details. Youth Registration can be found on both the Adult Tournament Calendar and the Youth Tournament Calendar.

Looking for Feedback from the 2015 Shoot on the Bow

The 2014 surveys conducted by Darts Alberta has definitely contributed to continous improvement of our ranked tournaments. Darts Alberta has agred to continue to compile these results for our tournament organizers. But we can't do this without participation by those in attendance at these events. If you participated in the new DA ranked tournament in Cochrane, we want your feedback.

Click here to start the survey. It should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete.

New DA Ranked Tournament in Cochrane is Fast Approaching

Darts Alberta's newest Ranked Tournament - the 2015 Shoot on the Bow will be held in Cochrane July 10 to 12, 2015. The Tournament Chairperson and President of the Cochrane Mixed Dart League, Ellison Smith, has been asked a few questions and wishes to clarifying the following:

  • YOUTH: Although not specifically listed on the poster, all youth competitors are more than welcome to participate in any of the events. Other non-participating children under the age of 18 are permitted in the venue during the tournament, provided they are accompanied by and supervised by an adult.
  • DRESS CODE: It is recognized the event is taking place during the summer but competitors also need to remember that this is still a Darts Alberta ranked tournament and the tournament organizers have the right to include additional dress code restrictions provided they are detailed on their poster. Although DRESS SHORTS will be allowed, CUTOFFS and TANK TOPS are not permitted. There are no restrictions on footwear. Rule 19.2 - NDFC Headgear and Listening Devices is in effect throughout all events (unless through prior permission of the organizers due to a medical or religious reason). The Men's Singles and Women's Singles Semi-Finals and Finals will be played in a "staged environment" and competitors are required to adhered to NDFC Dress Code Rule 19.1 - Players must wear dress pants or skirts and a collared shirt while playing on stage or in a staged event.

As an update to the poster, the Tournament Director (the person with the authority to make any final ruling decisions during the tournament) is Sandi Orr, DA Administrator. Working alongside the Tournament Director will be Margaret Heinermann.

The Cochrane Mixed Dart League looks forward to welcoming all dart players to the inaugural Shoot on the Bow.

Congratulations Team Alberta at the Elks/Royal Purple National Championships

Congratulations goes out to the Elks/Royal Purple Team from Alberta for bringing home 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. The event was held in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan this past weekend.

Full results

Second Round of Ranked Tournament Feedback

The organizers of the Ranked Tournaments have been extremely appreciative of the feedback received from participants and many have asked that the surveys continue in order to compare results from the previous year to the current year.

The following surveys are available for survey participants:

If you attended either of these tournaments, the organizers and Darts Alberta wants your feedback!

Chris Hatter Memorial Now BDO Ranked

Players have an additional opportunity to earn an invitation to the World Masters by participating in the Chris Hatter Memorial in Medicine Hat.

See the poster for all details.

Alberta Gets New DA Ranked Tournament

Darts Alberta is excited to announce a new Darts Alberta Ranked Tournament in Cochrane. The inaugural event will occur on July 10 to 12, 2015. See poster for more details.

2015 Official Year-end Ranking List

Congratulations out to:

  • Dion LaViolette
  • Jim Edwards
  • Crystal Chiasson
  • Ivy Wieshlow

for winning the 2015 Elite Development Award and earning themselves a trip to the 2016 Greater Vancouver Open for being the #1 and #2 ranked players in Alberta.

Full Ranking Lists


Congratulations to the 2015 Silver Cup Winners

Congratulations to all the participants of the 2015 Silver Cup Challenge held in Medicine Hat this past weekend.

Congratulations to today's 2015 Silver Cup Singles Champions:

L-R: Logan Crooks (Calgary), Jaliah Kochie (Medicine Hat), Roan Hebert (Edmonton), Dakota Roberts (Saskatoon)

Full Results

AGM and Election Results

Darts Alberta would like to thank the record-breaking number of members that participated in the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

This coming year will be critical for the Board of Directors in their path forward to meet any additional future Alberta Sport funding requirements. We will endeavour to keep all of our members aware of the changes as they occur. More details are outlined in the Administrator's Report.

The Board of Directors welcomes Wanda Earle as our new Membership Director.

Your complete Board of Directors, along with their position description, can be found by clicking on About Us >> Board Members.


Huge Improvements made to Calgary Ranked Tournaments

The 2015 Rodeo City Open poster is now available. Darts Alberta is pleased to announce that the new CPDA Executive has embraced the feedback that the players have provided from their last few tournaments. The survey results showed five major themes of concern that are being addressed:

  1. Quality of the boards and lighting – Fundraising is being initiated to purchase new boards and fix lighting issues.
  2. Lack of a public address system – A new venue has been secured, located all on one level. Although the venue does not have a PA system, other arrangements are being worked on.
  3. Tournament Director Professionalism – Margaret Heinermann, an adjudicator with many years of experience running ranked tournaments has been appointed as the new Tournament Director.
  4. Knowledge of and compliance with NDFC rules – An initiative is underway to ensure that all officials are very knowledgeable of the NDFC rules and rulebooks will be present at the control desk at all times should any ruling decisions need to be made. Certain rules which have appeared to be very lax during the Calgary tournaments will be placed throughout the venue, to remind players as well as officials of the need for compliance.
  5. Inconsistency of registration cut-off – The officials plan to provide a 15 minute and 5 minute “courtesy” reminder of the cut-off for each event. No late registrations will be accepted. Players will be permitted to register others. However, if they are not there at the start of play, the 5-minute rule and subsequent disqualification will be enforced.

Both Darts Alberta and the CPDA Executive appreciate the feedback that has been provided by past participants. We are proud of the league embracing this feedback and making the changes they have. Although many stated they’d be reluctant to participate in future events, we hope that these improvement will encourage greater participation at the 2015 Rodeo City Open.

Till We Meet Again Jacques Lessard!


It is with a heavy heart and deepest regrets for Darts Alberta to announce the sudden passing of Jacques Lessard on Saturday, February 28, 2015. Shock, sorrow and disbelief are only a few things being experienced by his dart family in Alberta and beyond.

As a 6-time member of Team Alberta (1998-99, 2011-14), Jacques will always be remembered by his coaches, his teammates and his opponents for being a gentleman on and off the board. His smile and his zest for life was contagious!

On behalf of dart players everywhere, we offer our sincere condolences to Jacques’ family in this difficult time. May you find comfort in knowing that his was a life well lived and that he touched the lives of so many.

Memorial Service Details

2015 Snoflake Open - Tournament Feedback Survey

Did you attend the 2015 Snoflake Open? If you did, we want your feedback.

This survey is the final one in a series of surveys that occurred throughout the ranking season in order to help improve ranked tournaments throughout Alberta and make them more consistent.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and it should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete. Not only is it appreciated when participants provide suggestions for improvement, we'd also appreciate any feedback on what was done well. Please click on the following link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PMFDHPV)

2015 Youth Provincials / Team Alberta

Congratulations to all of the youth that participated in the Youth Provincial Championships in Calgary.


     Junior Males (L-R)                                               Junior Females (L-R)
     Riley Osmond (2nd) / Roan Hebert (1st)               Courtney Kane (1st) / Tori Doughty (2nd)


     Senior Males (L-R)                                            Senior Females (L-R)
     Logan Crooks (1st) / Ericson Dalangin (2nd)       Jessica Weatherly (1st) / Shelby McNair (2nd)


     2015 Team Alberta with third place runners-up



2015 Adult Provincials / Team Alberta

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the 2015 Provincial Championships. As many have said on Facebook, "it was a tough room" as the competition in Alberta continuously gets harder.

Women's Team Alberta:

L-R: Crystal Chiasson (3rd), Nicki Rolls (5th), Ivy Wieshlow (Provincial Champion), Darlene Howarth (8th), Arlene Reuer (7th), Wenda Picard (4th); Sandra Milne (6th)

Front: Angelina Palumbi (2nd)

L-R: John Hannon (4th), Rick Arnott (Provincial Champion), Deon Grandy (7th), Shawn Currie (8th), Shawn Burt (2nd), Dion LaViolette (5th), Shane Harvey (3rd), Keith Giles (6th)

Full Results:  Men's  Women's

Darts Alberta Secures New Location for League Doubles & AGM Shoot

The Member League Doubles Championship has experienced growing popularity, especially with the prize being a trip to next year's Greater Vancouver Open. The 2015 Member League Doubles Championship and the AGM/AGM Shoot will be held at the LACOMBE LEGION only a few kilometres up the highway from Ponoka. The Lacombe Legion offers a total of 24 dartboard set-ups with a separate area available for the Youth AGM Shoot.

Darts Alberta has arranged a special reduced hotel rate at the Green Way Inn in Lacombe. More details on how to book hotel rooms is included on the AGM Shoot Poster.

Click here for more details on the Member League Doubles on March 21, 2015

Click here for more details on the AGM and AGM Shoot on March 22, 2015

New Youth Director Appointed

The Darts Alberta Board of Directors appointed a new Youth Director after recently receiving Tim Prokop’s resignation. First off, thank you Tim for your enthusiasm and your input as a Board Member. We wish you all the best in your new business endeavour that prevents you from continuing in this role.

The Board has appointed Julie Narain as the new Youth Director. The Board took into consideration that there were other candidates that stood for election in March and this decision was not taken lightly. Julie brings a wealth of personal experience with the National Youth Program in both Alberta and Ontario, and has served on the Board of the Directors for almost three years. Combined with her knowledge of the inner workings of the organization, her past experience with the youth program and the fact that this is an extremely critical time of year in the youth program, the Board felt Julie was the most suitable choice to ensure continued success of the Darts Alberta Youth Program.

2015 Snoflake Open

Several players have contacted Darts Alberta regarding the status of the 2015 Snoflake Open. In discussions with the league's President this afternoon, this confirms that the tournament will be happening, it will be both DA and NDFC ranked and will be held from Friday, February 6 to Sunday, February 8, 2015 at the Sands Hotel in Edmonton.


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