Officiating Certification

Darts Alberta Officiating Certification – Level I

The objective of this program is to train officiators (referees) for the sport of darts by providing a general overview of various aspects of planning, organizing and running tournaments. Whether you've been organizing tournaments already or completely new to dart tournament organization, the program offers a wealth of information.

The Level I Introduction to Officiating course is now primarily offered as an eLearning workshop. Whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary or the far corners of the province, you can take this workshop on line, at your own pace. 

This course is a prerequisite for Darts Alberta members should they wish to apply for grant funding to participate in the Level 2 Officiating Program at the Nationals.

This course has now also available with generic information regarding Provincial/Territorial Championships and Ranking Systems for anyone residing out of the province of Alberta. This is not a required course for those wishing to take the Level 2 Officiating Program at the Nationals, but it will provide you with an excellent base of knowledge that is likely to contribute to you being more successful when taking the NDFC Course.

Level I Course Outline

The Level I Introduction to Officiating course is provided in a competency-based modularized learning format, consisting of the following:

  • Tournament Preparation
  • Tournament Sponsorship
  • Introduction to Safety
  • Provincial Ranked Tournaments
  • Provincial Championships
  • NDFC Ranked Tournaments 
  • Introduction to NDFC Rules
  • Draw sheets and Seeding
  • Tournament Formats

Level I Training Requirements 

To become a Level I Trained Official, an individual must successfully complete the course and exercises after each module. 

DA Certified Level I Officiators may choose to further their skills and experience by participating in the Level II Certification Program offered through the NDFC, offered in conjunction with the NDFC Adult and Youth National Championships. If you are a DA Certified Level I Officiators, you may be eligible for Grant Funding. For more information on Level II Certification contact the DA Administrator

Level I Officiating Certification Requirements

For Albertans, a mentorship component is required to become a Darts Alberta Certified Official. More information is included in the course or contact

Level I Officiating eLearning Course Fees

Darts Alberta Members: $40.00
Non-members: $60.00

Go to Course Fees and Registration to register.

Level II Officiating

The NDFC offers a Level II Officiating Workshop during the Youth and Adult National Championships each year. In order to achieve Certification as a Level II Official, an individual must successfully complete the course, course exam and practical requirements during the National Championships.

Individual may choose to further their skills and experience by participation in the Level II National Officiating Certification Program. Trained Level I Officials, who are members of Darts Alberta, may be eligible for grant funding to offset their expenses to participate in the Officiating Program at the national level.

eTransfers now accepted for all course fees!